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Step into the whimsical world of Hareedy, the aspiring model whose dream is to shine at the most prestigious gala of the year! In this fast-paced, pattern-spotting card game, players help Hareedy get dressed for the occasion by matching outfits and colors before anyone else.


In "Hareedy," the goal is to complete Hareedy's ensemble by matching cards with the head, torso, and legs displayed on the play area. Each card played must either match the outfit or the color of the previous card. But beware—players can also attempt to sneak in a card that doesn’t match, trying to get away with a sneaky cheat while everyone else is focused on their own matches. Will you catch your opponents in the act, or will you be the one to successfully sneak in a mismatched card?

Why You'll Love Hareedy:

  • Beautiful Hand-Drawn Cards: Every card is a work of art, featuring charming and detailed illustrations that bring Hareedy's wardrobe to life.
  • Top-Quality Components: From the cards to the beautifully designed box, every aspect of the game is crafted with care and quality.
  • Fun and Quick Mechanics: Easy to learn and quick to play, "Hareedy" offers endless fun for kids and adults alike.
  • Interactive Play: The simultaneous play style keeps everyone engaged, and the unique ability to get away with cheating adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy.

Get ready to dive into a stylish adventure where speed, strategy, and a little bit of sneakiness will lead you to victory. Will you help Hareedy become the star of the gala? Find out in "Hareedy"!

Age Range: 5+
Players: 2-6
Playtime: 5-10 minutes

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