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Experience the thrill and fun with "Khufu"! Join famed Egyptian archaeologist "Khufu" as he faces his biggest fear - mummies!

Players draw cards, until someone pulls the dreaded Mummy card, at which point they are mummified and out of the game.

Don't worry, you can save yourself from the Mummy with a cleverly played "5odlak Laffa" card OR use powerful action cards to cleverly navigate or avoid the Mummy. Be the mastermind, outwit your friends, try not to get mummified. There are many strategic paths to follow, and every game will be completely different from the last due to the diverse set of cards. The last player left standing claims the Pharaoh's throne.

Unearth your strategy. Escape the Mummy.

  • 58 beautiful hand drawn cards
  • Play with family and friends (Ages 7+, 2-5 players)
  • Thrill and fun in every game
  • Multiple strategies to win
  • Fast paced rounds (10-15 mins)


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